Upgrade Your Home Without Breaking The Budget

The first sign that your home is becoming outdated is when you start to complain about the space when you are working and nothing fits. Whether it is your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom there comes a time when its time to upgrade. Here are the basics to start with when you decide its time for that remodeling project to begin.


  • Start with a checklist- Before beginning, get a checklist on hand for reference. This can be a great way to keep your project organized.
  • Plan and make a budget for your project(s)- Draw up a detailed sketch of the new space intended that includes exact placements & measurements. You can find a lot of information and inspiration from magazines, the internet, home improvement stores other remodeling companies in your area.
  • Gather materials- Now that you know what you want in your new space the next step is to gather the materials you would like.
  • Out with the old- Once, the preparation is finished, remove any items for demolition.
  • In with the new- Make sure that after the install of the new products that you inspect things and make sure it is what you want and nothing has been damaged.
  • Clean-up- Your contractor should clean up their mess when they are finished.
  • Decorate- Lastly the most creative part is decorating your new space.


Paint- Paint can do wonders when trying to update the look of your home. Not only can it freshen up the space but it can help with redesigning the space if you add new furniture. Remember a few things when repainting; primer, good quality paint and professional paint brushes. It really does make a big difference in how the paint looks and how long it lasts if you plan out the preparation process. Primer covers all the imperfections; quality paint and brushes will make it look professionally done. Don’t forget to tape off your edges and baseboards, it will make the process go smoother.


Change your cabinet hardware- This is a simple update that only involves a screwdriver and you can have a beautiful makeover without adding much cost. It doesn’t just have to be cabinets in the house but can also be dressers or other furniture pieces that you have had for awhile and look outdated. It will make a huge impact. Ther are a lot of different metals to choose from now like Stainless Steel, Nickel, Pewter, Chrome, Wrought Iron, Brushed Bronze, Matte Black, Antique Nickel, Oil-Rubbed Bronze, Champagne Gold, and much much more decorative styles.


Update your kitchen- A full gut of an outdated kitchen will definitely add value to your house for resale but if you plan on living in it for awhile longer and just want to do something minimal then painting the cabinets or adding new doors can make the space look updated. You can also change out the counter and add a new backsplash to add more to your kitchen without spending a lot of money.


Install new lighting or plumbing fixtures- New faucets and light fixtures can modernize your house. Do you have an outdated chandelier that you wish was a little different or you like it but bulbs make it look outdated? Changing it can dramatically change the atmosphere. There are also a lot of different styles to choose from and just the right style can really add a bold statement to the space. Be sure to check out the industrial styles, old-world styles and new modern styles they have to offer.


Refresh your bathroom- Even just changing out the shower curtain or accent pieces like the towel or wall hangings can have nice space changing advantage. It will be a fresh new look and it won’t be too drastic of an expense. You can also take a little more into consideration if your willing to spend a little more and change out the vanity, mirror or reface the bathtub.


Redo your entryway- Add some greenery or landscaping to your front entrance will really make it more inviting. Consider also a new door or repainting the door to add a dramatic new look. If the light fixture is outdated that could be an easy fix to really brighten up the space. Even something as simple as new house numbers can change the look and feel of your curb appeal.


Improve your outdoor space- Adding a patio or deck can spruce up the space you already have. One idea is buying a firepit and chairs and creating another sitting area to make the space more inviting. Add some outdoor lights, potted plants and yard accents can really create a cute outdoor space and it may keep you outdoors more too.


Change your window coverings, throw pillows, and other accent pieces- Nowadays drapery is becoming outdated. Try to go with a sheer look or if you want to spend a little more investment in some high-quality shutters or roman shades. Changing out your accents and pillows will also update the space minimally.


Wallpaper an accent wall or inside a bookcase- Accent walls are becoming popular; you can go bold and try a new fun wallpaper or just paint it a different color. Built-ins are coming back in style but if you want to give it some pizzazz then think about adding something to the wall of it to make it pop like wallpaper, texture, or paint color that works well with the space.


Get rid of excess furniture and clutter- Decluttering your space can really make a transformation with little or no money. Take a hard look at your belongings and decide what you need, what you can part with or what you change out with to add more space to your space. Reorganize your things, create better storage and downsizing is the first thing to updating an outdated space.





Other upgrades you can do simply:

  • Add crown molding
  • Add new outlets & light switch panels
  • Upgrade appliances
  • Change out doorknobs, handles, and hinges
  • Update all your windows in the house
  • New toilets
  • Add a nest thermostat


Feel free to contact us here at Retro Pro Kitchen and Bath and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have!

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Aging In Place

bathroom remodel

The Center for Disease Control defines aging in place as “the ability to live in one’s own home and community safely, independently, and comfortably, regardless of age, income, or ability level.” In terms of making a home compatible with aging in place, there are many remodeling options available to make aging in place a reality. These include modifying doorways and access into the home, changes to bathrooms and kitchens to make them more accessible and functional, and changes to other areas of the home that make it safe and functional for the aging in place client.

Access into the home and through the doorways and hallways of the home is one of the first considerations to make. If it becomes necessary to use a cane, walker, wheel chair or motorized scooter, or it just becomes more difficult to move around the home, then improving access throughout the home becomes necessary. Easy access can be very difficult if there are steps or narrow passageways to navigate. A ramp into the entry of the home is one of the first things to consider. Also removing any sunken living areas so the floors are all one level inside the home can really help to avoid trip hazards and improve accessibility. Also, doorways can be enlarged in various ways if the opening is too narrow to navigate. The quickest solution is installing offset door hinges which allow the door to open wider so it doesn’t impede the door opening. Installing pocket doors in place of swinging doors can enlarge the doorway opening to be as wide as the hallway all the way up to 48”. And the new heavy duty pocket door tracks and rollers are very smooth and are built so the door cannot jump the track as in older models. And where hallways are just too narrow to navigate, walls can be reconstructed to enlarge the hallway. Additionally, hand rails and grab bars can be added throughout the home whenever stability is a concern.

Aging in Place


Kitchen and bathroom remodeling can make aging in place a dream come true. Most homes are built for young families and use cheap materials that need to be replaced in order to make aging in place a reality. There are so many ways to design and layout kitchens and bathrooms that a design consult with an experienced designer should be considered.

For kitchen remodeling the following list is provided by the National Association of Home Builders:
– Wall support and provision for adjustable and/or varied height counters and removable base cabinets
– Upper wall cabinetry three inches lower than conventional height
– Counter space for dish landing adjacent to or opposite all appliances
– Base cabinet with roll out trays and lazy susans
– Pull-down shelving
– Glass-front cabinet doors
– Open shelving for easy access to frequently used items
These suggestions are just the beginning of the option available and things to consider to create the perfect aging in place kitchen.









Aging in Place


Bathroom remodels have many options as well. One of the most popular is the no barrier walk-in shower. These showers have all the features of a luxury walk in shower but include the added benefit of no curb or raised area to impede entry into the shower. This provides many benefits to the aging in place client because it facilitates entry with a walker or wheelchair, and reduces any trip hazards. Removing the shower door also decreases the amount of glass used in the shower which reduced cleaning and maintenance. And it also opens up the usable space of the shower making it easier to turn around and move in the shower. Multiple shower heads, including at least one handheld shower with a metal hose, will make the bathing process easy and enjoyable. The handheld can be incorporated on a slide bar which allows the shower head to be raised and lowered to accommodate either a sitting or standing position in the shower. And if showering is facilitated by a caregiver, this option is indispensable. Rainshower heads, body sprays and standard shower heads can all be incorporated to make a truly luxury showering experience.






Aging in Place


Another popular option is the walk-in tub. These tubs are designed for ease of use and can incorporate many therapeutic functions including handheld massaging shower heads, water jets, air jets, bubble therapy, chromatherapy and aromatherapy. One important thing to consider when installing a walk-in tub is the time required to bath. It can often take up to 15 minutes to fill and another 15 minutes to drain these tubs, and you can’t open the door until the water is all drained. But for those who love a bath and don’t feel they can safely raise and lower themselves into a standard tub, these tubs are a great option.












Decorative grab bars are now available in place of the institutional style that has been available until recently. These can be installed throughout the bathrooms and add beauty to the bathroom while also increasing the safety benefits of grab bars. Many decorative grab bar options are now available including toilet paper holder grab bars, shower head slide bar/grab bar combos, and standard grab bars. Some ADA certified grab bars and even made by shower valve manufacturers to complement the shower valve styles they offer. Now you don’t have to sacrifice beauty for safety and convenience.
There are several other areas of the home that are often modified to help those aging in place. One of those areas is the sunken sunken living room. These areas are well known as a trip hazard with or without hand railings. Filling them in with concrete, removing the hand railings and raising the outlets in the area will remove the trip hazard and make the area more functional as a living space. A couple of other common areas to remodel are laundry areas and desk areas. Laundry areas are made more functional by creating an accessible folding area and installing front loading washers and dryers on pedestals to make access to the laundry much easier. And desk areas can be raised to make room for a wheelchair as well as adding pull down shelving above to make access to supplies much easier.
As the current retirement generation grows, aging in place will increasingly become a popular and practical way to live. With all the options now available a home can very comfortable and functional for those who are aging in place. And by selecting a designer who specializes in luxury remodeling with expertise in incorporating all the aging in place options mentioned in this article, you will ensure that your home is also a beautiful and enjoyable place to live. For more information on aging in place you can visit, or go to to schedule an in-home design consult.