Shower Design Ideas – Make Your Shower Amazing!

Shower Design Ideas – Make Your Shower Amazing!

Create an Amazing Shower Design With These Ideas!


Walk-in showers are a big hit with bathroom remodels, and there are so many shower design ideas that the possibilities are endless. That you can really create a beautiful and functional area by accessorizing your shower space. You can customize every option from shelving, niches, seats/benches, shower heads, lighting, fixture placement and even sound systems! All of these items add style, function and a personalized look to your new shower.


Roe Shower Manske shower Clark Bathroom


Shower Heads

Let’s start with one of the more important features of a shower, she shower system. There are a variety of shower systems and shower heads available, think about how you want your shower to function and what options are important. There are various types of shower heads and systems to choose from.


  • Rain Shower – These are larger style heads that give a rain effect and are usually mounted overhead in the ceiling, however sometimes they can be mounted where the existing standard shower head is with an extension rod. They disperse a soft water flow that is relaxing and more evenly spread which makes these a very popular item. Shower heads range in size from as small as 2″ across to as large as 32″.  They have various shapes, such as circle, square and rectangle as well depending on your design style.



Mahoney shower Rahill shower Conatser shower


  • 2-in-1 shower heads – These offer 2 separate shower heads that can combine into one. The In2ition brand offers up a line of these shower systems which gives you diversity of a solid mounted shower head along with a handheld shower head. They can be combined into one system or used separately for optimum water coverage! Many of these also have a separate mount for the handheld shower so it can be left separate. They offer a variety of spray patterns on the handled shower head as well depending on the brand and design of the shower.


  In2uition shower head 2 In2uition shower head 3


  • Multiple Shower Heads/inserts – This feature allows you to have water spraying from various angles and areas within the shower, which creates a luxurious spa-like shower experience. You can have just a few shower heads or several depending on the amount of coverage you would like to have. Heads can be placed vertically along the wall, horizontally across the ceiling or any other variation. A professional installer would need to be used when installing this features since extra plumbing is necessary for these types of showers.


Multiple angle showe heads  Kean Shower Multiple angle showe heads 2


  • Sliding Bar Shower head – This option is perfect for families with people of varying heights. The sliding bar is mounted to the wall, while the shower head can slide, which allows you to move the shower head up or down and adjust the position to suit your desired height. This is perfect for children, or when you have couples with drastically different heights. The bars come in various lengths which allows for a variety of designs and adjustments. These can be installed yourself with a little effort. Just be sure you take caution when installing as to not crack your tile around the area.


Wade shower Peterson shower Gerke shower


  • Dual Shower Heads & Controls – If you have the money and space for this option, this is the way to go! Dual shower systems are perfect for couples! One may want a steamy hot shower while the other wants it a little cooler, with dual heads and controls, you can each have the shower exactly the way you want it! You can also have dual shower heads with one control, however with this option you would only have one temperature control for both heads. Since additional plumbing would need to be added, we recommend that you hire a professional to install this type of shower system.


Dual shower heads Bazargan shower Dual shower heads 2



Now let’s talk seating. Having a seat or bench in the shower is a nice feature to have to be able to relax and enjoy a nice long shower. Depending on placement, it can also serve as a place to put towels or other items as well. Depending on your DIY skills, this something that can be added yourself, or if you want a professional look, you are hire out a contractor for a remodel.


  • Seat – A seat is a small area that is just big enough for one person, or a few shower items. It is usually located in a corner of the shower. Another option for a seat is a wood fold-down option, this can be mounted along any wall of the shower and can be folded up for storage, or down when you choose to use it. This is a nice option if you have a smaller shower and want to utilize as much space as possible while still having the option to sit. This is also a nice option when you have someone that is handicap in the home and they share a shower with others in the home. Seats can be various shapes and sizes, and the design potential is unlimited!


Kreiner shower Hearl shower Johansson shower


  • Bench – Benches are larger and usually placed towards the back of the shower. These are generally large enough for at least 2 people to sit. Since they are most commonly placed at the back or entrance to the shower (for larger showers) the more common uses are for placing towels, robes or other shower items that you don’t want to get wet. Along with adding functionality to your shower, it also adds a pleasing and aesthetic look to your shower and bathroom. Like seats, they can be custom designed to suit your design style, and when adding a little border it can really make it pop!


Manske Bench Hofflander Bench Rahill Bench



Another important part of your shower area is the lighting. No one wants to shower in a cave! There are a couple different types of lighting options available from natural light to overhead lighting.


  • Natural lighting – windows and skylights are the 2 options for natural light in your shower/bathroom. Depending on shower placement you can add a nice large frosted window or glass blocks to allow as much natural light in as possible while still keeping your privacy. Another option is adding a skylight over the shower or within your bathroom to allow more light in. Allowing in natural light is always a better alternative when possible.


  • Overhead lighting – There are so many types of overhead lighting available it’s impossible to list them all here. Recessed lighting is the most popular but definitely not the only option! If you choose to have a light above the shower, of course be sure it meets all the requirements for being waterproof and has the proper sealing around the light.


Manske Shower 1 Colter Shower windows


Recessed niches are a nice little functional addition to any shower. These are cubbies built into the shower wall to place items such as shampoo and conditioner bottles, shaving cream, body wash etc. Shower niches can have varying sizes, and design that can blend into the shower wall, or can stand out and be used as an accent or focal point. Niches can be deep or shallow, tall or short, they can have glass shelves or stone/tile. You can put them in a corner or along the wall, the possibilities are endless! They can really give your shower that extra pop!


Holm niche Bazargan niche Mahoney niche


Fixture placement is important to think about when designing your shower. No one wants to get into a shower just to realize the water is still cold, then have to reach through it to turn up the heat! Standard placement is on the front wall directly under the shower head, however it’s becoming more common (especially in the larger showers) to place the handles at the entrance to the shower so water adjustment can be done BEFORE getting into the water. Depending on shower design and size, they would typically be placed on the side wall or back wall of the shower.


Milborne fixture placement Hearl fixture placement  Hofflander fixture placement

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