Painting Trends 2017

Painting Trends 2017


There are many ways to make a statement when remodeling your home. Paint is one of the greatest ways to show your personal style. Whether you like bright or clean white, the paint in your home will make a statement. With coming into the new year I wanted to go over the different trends that are in forecast for 2017. You will notice that a lot of the trends that are coming in are actually trends that were popular in the past. They may be older paint colors but the application, look, and feel is different.



Let me first start of by talking to you about perception. Just because I see one paint color as vibrant and beautiful doesn’t mean that you see it the same way. Your unique view is formed by your own individual perceptions and beliefs. Also another reason we see things differently is because we aren’t all dominate on the same side of our brain. There are different tests that you can do to test which side you are. I will give you a short break down of what right and left brain dominate entails. When you are right brain dominant you are typically better with facial recognition, expressing emotions, music, reading emotions, color, images, intuition, and creativity. A study has shown that most commonly people who are right brain dominate prefer more modern to traditional styles with vibrant paint colors and bold accents. Left brain dominant people tend to be adept at tasks that involve logic, language, and analytical thinking. The left-brain is described as being more successful at language, logic, critical thinking, numbers, and reasoning. Left brain dominant individuals tend to choose more traditional and conservative colors. Whether you are left brain dominant or right brain dominate your color choices for your home should reflect your personal style and personality.


The Value of Painting

Not only do your walls provide a focal point in your home they also add exponential value to your home. For example, if you are remodeling your home to sell, you want to make sure that fresh paint is applied so that there are not any visible scratches or dings. If you don’t and a home buyer that has a problem visualizing what the “repainted/updated” home will look like sees the damaged walls, it may deter them from buying!


Paint color trends of 2017 FACTS:

Dusky Blue and Shadow are two new bold and confident colors that are a fantastic way to make a statement for 2017! Dusky Blue (Benjamin Moore 1640) will give you a beachy modern vibe that will make any wall pop in your home. Shadow (Benjamin Moore 2117-30) is a beautiful shade of purple. This dark shade of purple creates a very beautiful shadow, hence the name shadow. To see more new colors and trends visit the websites of the major paint suppliers to see what they have to offer including,, and Below we will discuss some of the new trending colors. See a color you like? Call our office today and speak with a designer about your home renovations painting project!


The paint color trend line up is the following:

Blue-Green: a representation of the color that is between blue and green. There are many different variations of this color. The color that is trending appears to be a greenish turquoise.

Dusky Blue: A variable color averaging a pale blue that is redder and darker than average powder blue, redder and less strong than sistine, and greener and stronger than average cadet gray. This color will give you more of a modern beachy vibe.

Sunshine Yellow: A vibrant shade of yellow. This color will brighten up the darkest of rooms and create a warm feel.

Light blue-green: This is another color that is in between blue and green. This is similar to the shade blue-green but this one is going to be a cooler lighter tone.

Earthy green: This is going to be a deeper lighter green.

Taupe Beige: This color is going to be more traditional and warm.

Powdery blue: Almost a light baby blue.

Pastel pink: A light pink that is a rich light pink

Dusted Yellow: A vibrant warm yellow that is lighter than the sunshine yellow.

What to do and what not to do:

These color variations can look amazing in all homes. Location is a huge factor when considering what paint color to choose. You want the colors to transition from room to room. For instance you do not want a room that is painted dusky blue to transition to a sunshine yellow room. Your whole home should flow. Also if you are on the verge of wanting a bright color walls but aren’t ready to make that big leap, I would suggest an accent wall with the color of your choice.


Modern Painting technology:

There are a few different ways that the paint can be applied to your walls and home, by spraying or roller. By spraying on paint you are allowing the paint to be applied evenly with a faster one coat application, and you are able to get into the harder to reach areas without using a ladder with the use of sprayer extensions. When you are using a roller you have excellent control, very good adhesion, uniform coverage, and you get into all the nooks and crannies. Please contact us if you have questions on what will be best for your particular project.

When creating the perfect environment in your home you want to make sure that you are not clashing colors. Consider what pre-existing furniture and decoration that you plan on reusing in your home home when choosing the colors. Plan on using a design consultant if you are not sure what colors to choose. One of the hottest trending colors for 2017 for accent and decorations is rose gold! Find an accent color that coordinates well with your wall color and get to painting! Please give us a call if you are planning on painting your home and you want to hire a painting expert for your job. Retro Pro Kitchen and Bath is here to make the renovations process as easy as possible.


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