One of the best ways to improve your bathroom

One of the best ways to improve your bathroom

Frameless shower enclosures are a beautiful and elegant way to upgrade your bathroom. Not only do they allow natural light into your shower, they are cleaner than any other type of shower on the market. There are some pros and cons to having a frameless shower enclosure. When considering a frameless shower we want to make sure you are aware of everything so that you can make an educated decision based on your personal wants and needs.

Integrity of Glass

When installing a frameless shower, did you know that you are not just using regular clear glass? Did you know that the glass that is in your car windshield is the same type of glass that is used in your shower? Tempered or safety glass is what is used in creating a shower.The reason that tempered glass is used in a frameless shower enclosure is to ensure that if there was ever an accident and the glass where to break, that it would break in a way that would not hurt you like regular glass would. Regular glass breaks into shards, tempered glass on the other hand breaks into tiny pieces. When owning a frameless shower enclosure there are some things that you need to be aware of with proper care. First and foremost make sure that there is not anything in the way of the door or anything on the glass that can damage it. Glass breaks under pressure. So dings or large deep scratches will make it not as safe as when originally installed. We are not suggesting that for every scratch you think your shower needs to be replaced. But deep scratches can compromise the integrity of the glass. To insure the safety and integrity, make sure that you are using a contractor that is licensed and fully insured. Also, just because they are licensed and fully insured does not make them competent to complete your project. Go check out their online presence and to see reviews, images, and other facts to help you make your decision when choosing the right contractor for the job. At Retro Pro Kitchen and Bath we have years of experience installing frameless shower glass and we back up our work and are happy to answer any questions or concerns you make have with your projects.Now that I am going over requirements about the contractor I wanted to touch base with you on a common question that is asked. “Can your company supply glass and I will install the frameless shower enclosure myself?” The answer to this question is no. Frameless shower glass is the heaviest form of glass you will have in your home.  Not only is it a safety risk, it is also a very complex project. I know it appears to be easy but it is not. Not all glass enclosures are alike. If you even have the slightest bend in your wall it can be more difficult to install. I strongly urge against replacing or adding a frameless glass enclosure by yourself. Please call us today to schedule a time to install and remodel your frameless glass enclosure! We are here to help you and guarantee that you love your bathroom and home!

Why its cleaner

One of the greatest features of frameless shower enclosures is that they are extremely elegant! Frameless shower glass is known for its bold stature and clean lines. Frameless shower glass is heavier and thicker than any normal glass. This is for safety reasons as well as for functionality. Additionally, the frameless shower can make the room appear larger. If you are looking to make your bathroom look larger, a frameless shower would be a fantastic option to look into. Frameless showers can also be customized, so when you have a difficult bathroom space to work with a frameless shower will allow you more flexibility with space. Along with the elegant appearance, they are actually cleaner than regular showers with a shower curtain. Shower curtains hold onto mold and mold can make you sick. Even if you attempt to clean the shower curtain you will still eventually have mold on it because shower curtains are porous and give lots of surface area for mold and mildew to grow.

When you have a frameless shower enclosure you are going to need to clean it after use but the cleaning process is much quicker and easier than with standard framed shower glass or a shower curtain. All our shower glass comes with a factory applied coating which protects the glass from hard water buildup which can cause permanent glass damage, as well as helps the water to just slide off the glass. This coating does not need to be reapplied and will protect the glass for many years of regular use. The absolute best way to clean the glass is by using a squeegee. With one quick run over with your squeegee you are set and your glass will look new again! If you find that the squeegee isn’t gliding as smoothly as usual on the glass then a quick clean with a non-ammonia cleaner (which we provide with all our installations) will remove the light surface build up and return the glass to its smoothness.  

Long term investment

Yes, frameless shower enclosures are beautiful and elegant but that comes with a hefty price tag.There are a couple of ways to look at this expense. Is it a waste of money OR is it a long term investment? With shower curtains you will have to replace them frequently to keep them nice, but with a frameless shower enclosure you will not have to replace it for your lifetime. And  a shower is something that you use daily so you will really enjoy the cleanliness, beauty and ease of maintenance of your frameless shower enclosure. 


In conclusion frameless glass enclosures are beautiful, elegant, clean, and costly. There are so many positive qualities that I truly believe they outweigh the bad. Please make sure that you follow up each day to see the new images, videos and even an occasional LIVE Q&A session with our designers. We will be more than happy to answer any questions and go over the process with you. Please contact or call (480) 649-1422 to schedule your estimate appointment today!

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