The Down And Dirty To Choosing A Toilet

The Down And Dirty To Choosing A Toilet

Majority of homeowners don’t put much thought when it comes to a toilet. It is usually an afterthought in the budget and some don’t realize the variety of options out there. First thing is to measure your bathroom and evaluate the space where you want your toilet. Making sure there is enough leg room is the number one thing people forget. Here are some helpful tips on toilets.


  • Height- Toilets come in two different heights. Standard is 14” to 15” tall and comfort height is 17” to 19” tall. Comfort is designed for easy sit-down and stand up especially for seniors or people with back problems.
  • Bowl Shape- Some common bowl shapes are compact elongated, elongated, and round-front. Compact elongated is your standard toilet and they are shorter so you don’t need as much space but it still keeps the common shape of a toilet. Elongated is the largest of the three and provides an extra 2” to the bowl area. Round-Front toilets are the smaller of the three and generally are good for families with younger children or if you have a tiny bathroom.
  • Flushing Types- There are two different types of flushing toilets. Most homes come with a gravity flushing system. This type uses the force of gravity to remove waste when the lever is pushed. This involves fewer parts and is inexpensive. The other type is the pressure-assisted flush system. This system uses a tank within the larger tank to create air pressure, forcing water into the bowl. It reduces clogs but is also more expensive because there are more parts involved which also means more maintenance.
  • Look and Feel- Styles are endless as with anything nowadays. Most toilets come in two-pieces but one-piece models are becoming popular in contemporary style bathrooms. Newer is obviously more pricey. Wall-hung toilets are also a new trend, it saves space and adds a modern feel to the bathroom. The plumbing modifications are mounted on the wall.
  • Seats and Lids- If you’re not ready for a new toilet, think about adding a new seat and lid. It can easily update the look without adding much cost. Make sure to get the same shape as the toilet when picking out your lid and seat because it can damage the toilet. Usually, common seats and lids come in vinyl or plastic but you can also find wood or bamboo. Those do involve specific cleaning products though. A new kind of toilet seat that I love is the slow-closing lid. This keeps the lid from slamming shut.
  • Go Green- Going green is the rave and they now make high-efficiency options for toilets. It saves water and money. Federal standard of water used per flush is 1.6 gallons. The older ones are a whopping 6-7 gallons per flush. WOW! That makes me want to invest in a new toilet just hearing that fact. High-efficiency EPA WaterSense toilets ensure that the toilet is at least 20% more efficient than other counterparts. Look for the label WaterSense to be sure you’re getting the right quality.


After that, I bet your now realizing new technologies are creating extraordinary toilets compared to what we grew up with. Here are some other cool features you can look into when you decide it’s time for a new toilet.


  • Kohler’s touchless flush kit
  • GlowBowl motion-activated night light
  • Electronic Bidit
  • Half flush and full flush options




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