Creating your Traditional Bathroom

Creating your Traditional Bathroom

When it comes to designing your perfect bathroom it is important to consider the layout, functionality, textures, patterns, colors and finishes. There are a few different directions that you can go with design of your beautiful space. Traditional bathrooms have a few distinct characteristics that will differentiate from other styles. None of them will be “spa-like”. With that being said you do want your bathroom to be calm, collected, and soothing. You can still have a spa “feel” without making it look like a spa.

Traditional Bathrooms include:

-Natural Stone or porcelain subway or hex tiles
-Natural stone counter-tops (e.g. marble) in neutral colors
-White cotton towels and bath mats
-Freestanding bathtubs is the most common but there are still bathtubs in showers
-Pedestal and console sinks or sinks with a traditional cabinet base
-Hinged mirrored medicine cabinets
-Mirrors with vanity lights above or sconce lighting
-Framed decorative mirrors
-Chrome or brushed nickel-plated fixtures, you can also use oil rubbed bronze and cast iron but those are not as common
-A lot of neutral color and or white, including a black and white combination
-Wainscoting and possible wallpaper and or paint accent wall

The beauty of tradition

The beauty is that it can be modern in its functionality, but maintain their traditional features. As our showering and bathing habits have changed over the years traditional bathrooms can have larger showers which is better for couples that share a bathroom. This will also allow the room to appear larger. In some cases you will see multi-function shower systems with a handheld shower features, but this is an upgrade. You will mainly see those in the transitional and modern enclosures. Also a bathtub is a key feature, the tubs now are normally upgraded to a larger tub size and can reflect the style with a claw foot feature. The hardware and fixture style in a bathroom can be a huge statement piece, the icing on the cake per say. You will either see knobs or handles that reflect a vintage or traditional look. When it is all put together the color and texture of the knobs and or handles and fixtures is key into pulling all the elements together to give it that vibe.

Colors and tones

The color schemes are normally more of your earthy tones. Either all the warm natural tones which are your shades of brown, tan, orange and reds. On the other side your colors are more vintage with the pale tones for instance your whites, grays, soft pink, and soft blues. Black and white are in a category all their own and can reflect an old world turn of the century style and feel. All of these colors with go with the traditional bathroom metals which are normally the brushed nickel, chrome or oil rubbed bronze as talked about earlier.


Choosing your cabinets for is extremely important, for it is the anchor. The cabinets help set the “stage”. They add character to the bathroom and are the tie that can bind all of the elements together. The traditional color of vanity cabinet can be in cherry wood with a burgundy stain, white distressed on maple, cashmere, antique, or my personal favorite stone grey on maple. Taller cabinet heights and adding drawers for more functionality will give your vanity cabinet a more modern functionality while maintaining its style.

Decor and more

When decorating you want to create a relaxing and soothing environment that is conducive to relieving the stresses of the day, but stay with motifs that reflect traditional elements. The feeling should reflect a “spa” like feel in your own home. The most time you spend anywhere in you life, is in your own home and why not create a spa resort like feel that you can enjoy in your own home everyday. Your bathroom should be an extension of that relaxing soothing atmosphere that should start with your bedroom. So along with previously mentioned features and elements like your artwork, silk succulent plants to add warmth to the space and accent accessories will help create that environment you seek. A helpful hint when picking out art for your traditional bathroom is to choose images that reflect serenity and calm. Landscape art is perfect for creating a feeling of relaxation. You can use canvas art but make sure to have proper ventilation/exhaust fan to expel the steam. If you have a ventilation issue you need to address this in your remodeling process with your re-modeler/contractor. When canvas is exposed to water or steam for extended periods of time it begins to build mold and also you are at risk to lose anything that is water based on the canvas itself. Framed pictures behind glass are fantastic. One of my favorite ways to see people decorate is custom towels. Monogramming your towels is an elegant way to make the bathroom seem more personalized. The best way to achieve this look is to go for a neutral color towel and a colored thread. Or vice versa, towels can also be that pop of color that you need to give interest and then use contrasting thread color. My personal favorite is a medium to light tan towel with dark royal blue script. Check out your local embroidery shops to support you local community.

Keeping it clean 

We often get asked that once we have just installed this lovely bathroom now how do we clean it to maintain its beauty? My personal favorite is the Shark Steam mop for flooring. It can also be used for shower floors. Steam mopping is the perfect way to clean and disinfect at the same time while leaving no residue on surfaces and protecting any sealers that may have been used on the flooring surfaces. When there is no residue on flooring surfaces the less chance that dirt has to cling and accumulate, therefore your cleaning will last longer. For deep cleaning and disinfecting of showers Simple Green is a great product that protects any sealers you may have on your shower walls while giving you that deep cleaning you need. See manufacturer instructions on applying product. Did you know that if you mix ¼ cup of vinegar and 1 cup of water you will have the perfect glass cleaner? No streaks! Side note DO NOT use that concoction on your shower glass! I cannot stress that enough, it is to abrasive for the protective sealant on the glass and or sealed tile. For most sealed/treated glass use a ammonia free spray cleaner such as Spray Way. Also good to use for your Quartz counter surfaces. Also seek out manufacturer guidelines for treated stone or glass with your re-modeler. For cabinetry all you have to do is use a mild soap and warm water with a microfiber cloth.

Traditional bathrooms are warm and inviting. Give us a call today to get your bathroom renovation underway!


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